About Milan

Producer Milan Friedrich’s life is like something out of a movie. Born to a Czechoslovakian family considered subversive by the Communist authorities, he saw his relatives hounded and imprisoned for their political activities, which included hiding Western spies working behind the Iron Curtain. Milan learned early what it was like to live in a society where freedom and individual liberty were nonexistent.

As he grew older, he made the decision to seek a better life. This led to a harrowing escape across the Czech border, evading mine fields, electric fences, the omnipresent military police.

In the West, Milan seized on the opportunities freedom offered. Over the years, his achievements have included the building of an international telecommunications network. A distribution company in the fashion industry that had over 10,000 employees. The creation of Europe’s largest solar and free energy testing facility, currently producing 3.5 mw power yearly and employing top scientists from around the world.

Like all visionaries, however, Milan reaches one peak only to see the next. Due to his ongoing interest in technological development, he has traveled the globe, leaving no stone unturned in his quest for a deeper understanding of life’s possibilities. Eventually, his search took an unexpected turn and branched out into the metaphysical.

It began in Prague, where he explored the mystic underside of the city with groups descended from the ancient Knights Templars; secret Freemasonry chapters; Rabbis versed in the Kabbalah. In Rome, he studied with Catholic priests. In Asia, with Buddhist and Hindu teachers. He even studied the Koran in several Arabic nations.

Within all these diverse paths, however, he found certain connecting threads which supplied deeper answers to the big questions of who we are and why we’re here. He started experimenting with teachings handed down from ancient and little-known philosophies which offered methodologies on how to better control our destiny – how to set goals which at first might seem impossible but could actually be manifested into the real world.

On his path, Milan met a number of kindred spirits and contemporary teachers currently working in similar directions. People like Bob Proctor and the Esther Hicks/Abraham groups. He found that a lot of this kind of energy was bubbling to the surface at this time and came to realize that the next chapter in his life would be to use film as a medium of exploring and sharing the things he’d discovered.

Consequently, he began shooting his first feature film, BEHIND THE CURTAIN OF NIGHT, to be released internationally in 2016 and starring actors like Brendan Fraser, Marcia Cross and Dawn Olivieri. The story is based on the life of Dalibor Stach, who was twice declared clinically dead by medical professionals, once for two minutes and the second time for five minutes. During his time “on the other side,” Dalibor had full consciousness and was told he was going to make a film about his extraordinary experiences.

For Milan, this is only the first step in a series of projects that will deal in an entertaining and profound way with the questions that have engrossed him for the last twenty years. Is there life after we pass on? Is there any truth to such ancient beliefs as reincarnation? Is karma a reality, meaning that many of the people we are close to are actually beings we’ve had experiences with in other times and places? These questions and Milan’s ongoing interest in how individuals can change their lives for the better will be the basis for the slate of films he’ll be producing over the next few years.

This isn’t just some vague idealistic effort on his part. Milan believes there is a growing audience for such cinematic efforts and that in the years to come, films like these - made with the kind of new and exciting technologies that are appearing every day - will offer not only satisfying entertainment, but also the promise of huge commercial success.

As things continue to unfold, Milan is looking forward to the rollercoaster of his life. He plans on enjoying every adventure, discovery and all the unique and thrilling films he knows will be the result.