About Robert

Robert Resnikoff is an American writer/ director/ producer who has worked on films and television shows for Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Universal, Sony, MGM and numerous other production entities.

He has worked with many established producers, including Charles Roven (producer of THE DARK KNIGHT, WARCRAFT and upcoming D.C. Comics movies); Lucas Foster (MR. AND MRS. SMITH, CRIMSON TIDE, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN); David Madden, current President of Fox Broadcast Company and executive on the hit TV shows EMPIRE, BURN NOTICE, WHITE COLLAR, THE AMERICANS.

Robert has written for such diverse talents in the past as Pierce Brosnan, Jay Leno, Michelle Pfeiffer, Meg Ryan, Demi Moore, Steven Seagal and Pat Morita. He is also currently developing a TV series with award-winning producer Cary Brokaw (ANGELS IN AMERICA, THE PLAYER), for film and television star Viola Davis’ company JuVee Productions.

Robert lived in the Czech Republic for several years and as a producer developed with director Martin Krejci a film for Czech TV on the life of the famous Czech singer, Eva Olmerova. Robert is also serving as a consultant to director Petr Vachler on the film THE MEANING AND MYSTERY OF LIFE.