About Phill

Phillip B. Goldfine is a film and television producer known for winning the Academy Award as Executive Producer for Best Documentary (Short Subject) for the 2013 film The Lady In Number 6: Music Saved My Life and the Emmy for writing in 2011 for the Variety Show El Vacilon.

He began his career as a development and production executive at companies including FBC (Fox Broadcasting Corp.), New Line Cinema and Trimark Pictures.

Goldfine’s credits include an eclectic library of over 100 other motion pictures and television series.

As a development executive he orchestrated such motion pictures as The Mask, and Jim Carrey’s first dramatic role, Doing Time on Maple Drive. As a producer, he has worked with such stars as Wesley Snipes, Jack Black, Hilary Swank, Mark Ruffalo and action star Steven Seagal on such films as Exit Wounds, Maximum Conviction and Half Past Dead and the acclaimed documentary The Path Beyond Thought. In addition, Goldfine has produced films for all major studios, including MGM, Universal Studios, Paramount, Sony, Disney and Warner Bros.

Mr. Goldfine has also produced for many of the major television networks including A & E where he produced the series LAWMAN, The Reelz Channel where he produced TRUE JUSTICE and National Geographic where he produced Seal Team 6: The Search for Bin Laden.

Mr. Goldfine’s latest endeavor includes producing several series and 10-15 movies during 2016 and his first Broadway Play based on the popular sitcom GREEN ACRES. And finally, he is currently training to break a world record in the 800 meter Men’s swimming event and become the only human being to have ever won an Oscar, an Emmy and a Swimming world record.