About Milan

Milan Friedrich is a successful businessman who has made a splash in the Entertainment Industry in a very short time. Coming from the Fashion World, where he become one of the biggest manufacturers of Apparel through his company AMERICAN WAY, Mr. Friedrich decided that a jump into the Film Industry was a natural move as many of his fashion accessories are considered works of art and he decided he wanted a wider artistic canvas. It was a natural extension to move into the Entertainment Industry. And he has moved at lightening speed...

Teaming up with Academy Award and Emmy Award winner Phillip B. Goldfine, the two have produced numerous films and television series in a very short time. Together the two have produced close to 100 films and television series.

First Milan brought in BEHIND THE CURTAIN OF NIGHT. Starring Brendan Fraser and Marcia Cross, the story is based on the life of Dalibor Stach who was declared clinically dead twice by medical professionals, once for two minutes and the second time for five minutes. Dalibor had full consciousness during his death and was told he was going to make a film about his extraordinary experiences. His dream came true and BEHIND THE CURTAIN OF NIGHT is scheduled for release in early 2017.

Mr. Friedrich is currently in production on the three fairy tales and will announce them to the world shortly. All three shall seen throughout the world in 2017. In addition, Mr. Friedrich's has been working on a mini series with Mr. Goldfine which wrapped production earlier this year. The Vampire drama, set in the future, will be announced shortly.

In 2016 Mr. Friedrich, ever expanding his Entertainment Empire, jumped into producing Green Acres The Musical on Broadway with Mr. Goldfine and Pamela Laudenslage and Coleen Lorber, two time Tony and Drama Desk winning producers for La Cage aux Folles and the Norman Conquests, which she did with Oscar Winner Kevin Spacey.

On top of being a full time Producer, Mr. Friedrich is a car enthusiast and races Ferraris in his spare time.